Health officials in Nevada urged Filipino residents to get screened for Hepatitis B through its ongoing campaign.

Health researchers said that one out of ten Pinoys are probably infected with the Hepatitis-B virus, which is considered a silent killer.

People infected with this virus may develop liver cirrhosis or pancreatic cancer.

Sixty one-year-old Nonnie Mediarito, a retired U.S. service man, found out that he was Hepatitis B-positive in 2000.

“ Hepatitis B can hit anyone, regardless of their gender, race, rich or poor,” said Mediarito
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House Democrats' Fundraising Sets Record After Health Care Ruling
House Democrats have raised $2.3 million since last week's Supreme Court ruling on the health care law and marked their biggest grassroots fundraising day in history, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said early Tuesday.

Nearly 65,000 Democratic supporters have contributed an average of $35 since the high court ruled on Thursday that President Barack Obama's signature health care law was constitutional. Grassroots donors gave more money on Saturday than any other day in history, DCCC chairman Steve Israel said.

"House Democrats are shattering records because Americans are energized about historic protections for middle-class health care consumers and appalled that Republicans plan to vote to put insurance companies back in charge of their health care," Israel said in a statement. "House Democrats are on offense and will continue to unmask this House Republican majority's reckless agenda that started with drastically cutting Medicare for s
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Samsung launches S Health services: Monitors weight, blood sugar and graphs it all
Samsung mentioned its S Health app in passing during the grand unveiling of the Galaxy S III -- presumably due to the glut of similarly S-suffixed apps and services that were also unveiled. The service has now apparently launched in Samsung's homeland, alongside more details of what it'll offer. This includes a raft of metric-measuring charts, as well as the ability to connect through Bluetooth and USB to health devices like heart-rate monitors and connectivity-friendly scales. The app will record and even graph your health ups and downs, aiming to help "regulate" what you eat and gauge exactly how much you exercise. It has now launch on Samsung's App hub and will make its way to the US and five to-be-confirmed European countries soon
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